For AI based antivirus protection coupled with Ironscales for AI based phishing protection and training

Enhance Your Endpoint Detection and Response with SentinelOne & Ironscales

Introducing SentinelOne for AI-Based Antivirus Protection

What if there were an advanced endpoint detection and response and threat hunting solution that could provide the real-time visibility you need for protection? The good news is SentinelOne does precisely that. It contextualizes and provides correlated insights while automating your threat resolutions. Driven by AI antivirus protection, you won’t find a more sophisticated method to combat threats, than Sentinel One.

How SentinelOne Is Different

SentinelOne is the definition of next-generation cybersecurity. Traditional on-premise signature databased protection models simply are ineffective. Relying on simplistic file scanning methods to detect attacks no longer provides sufficient protection from modern-day threats. SentinelOne leverages on-agent AI detection engines to autonomously detect and immediately respond to malicious behavior.

To properly defend your business while utilizing cloud, containers, and IoT, your organization needs a more intelligent endpoint protection solution. SentinelOne provides that protection. Guard against ongoing threats from every type of attack, during every lifecycle, with zero interference from your IT team, when you use SentinelOne.

Harmoniously merging threat prevention, response, detection, and hunting into a singular architecture, no other AI-based device protection makes security so simple.

Get Complete Protection with Help From SD Tech

Add another layer of protection for your business by choosing the SD Tech team to integrate your Endpoint Detection and Response solutions. We couple SentinelOne with Ironscales to leverage the power of AI-based phishing protection and training.
Ironscales is the market’s favorite email security service and offers a wide range of solutions for the greatest hurdles that organizations face. By combining cutting-edge machine learning tech with real-time anti-virus engines, you get complete protection from any email threat.
Ironscales provides advanced protection from:

Email Phishing Threats


Business Email Compromise

Ideal for mid-sized and enterprise-level organizations, Ironscales coupled with SentinelOne delivers total protection for financial assets and sensitive business data.

Why Ironscales?

One of the core functionalities of Ironscales is its ability to protect the end user’s mailbox. Admins can easily remove threats within the end user’s inbox and can train users to both detect and block phishing attacks quickly.
With so many security features put in place to protect you and your employees from serious attacks, there simply is no better solution for email security. The market agrees, for all your email protection anti-phishing solutions and training needs, Ironscales is the right choice.

Couple SentinelOne With Ironscales For Complete End-Point Detection and Response Security

Let the SD Tech team build another layer of security for your organization by implementing SentinelOne and Ironscales seamlessly into your systems. Get the protection you need, from the best solutions available, with help from our team.

Ready To Get Started?

Rely on a team with over 20 years of IT experience and make us your IT solutions provider. Contact us to get help making the right decision for your organization’s security.

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