Remote Computer Support

SD Tech offers online computer repair for any PC or MAC that has an Internet connection. If you are able to browse the Internet, then chances are we can set you up for remote support. We charge $100/hr for remote computer support and it can be done anytime and anywhere.

Correct Software Issues Or Reinstall

Having software issues? Need a program fixed or reinstalled? We can help! Most of the time, this kind of issue can be corrected in less than an hour.

Update Device Drivers

Experiences issues with your graphics card performance? Hardware not working as expected? Let us remote in and update your device drivers. Many time this can correct issues and sometimes even increase performance!

Routine Computer Maintenance

Just like a car, computers need maintenance too! We can perform a cleanup and tuneup on your PC or MAC. Then even schedule some of these maintenance routines to be run automatically in the future.

Install Printers

Printer acting up? Scanner not working? Often times, these issues can be fixed remotely in about an hour.