On-Site Computer Repair

When remote support isn’t possible or practical, SD Tech offers on-site computer repair for PCs and MACs. We are experienced in a variety of operating systems, applications and hardware components. Microsoft, Apple, Dell and HP are some of the most common brands we service.

Computer Fails to Power On

Does your PC or MAC not even power on? Let us test your power supply. If we find it to be faulty, we can usually replace it on the spot!

PC Not Booting Into Windows

Is your machine not starting properly anymore? Did you install a security update that didn’t complete properly? In most cases we can remove the offending update or roll-back the changes it made. If that doesn’t work, we can usually repair the installation and get you back up and running!

Hardware Troubleshooting

Experiencing BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) or other types of lockups when using your PC or MAC? We can troubleshoot the issue and determine the root cause. Then replace the faulty hardware, so you can get back to using your computer!

Data migration

Purchased a new machine and need the data transferred over? We can assist you with the migration process and even wipe the old machine once the transition is complete.