Microsoft Teams paired with Ribbon

Connect to create a cohesive UCaaS solution.

Turn your Microsoft Teams Phone System into a Cohesive UCaaS Solution

Over 115 million people around the world use Microsoft Teams to connect, share files, and video conference. But now there is a better way to connect through Microsoft Teams Phone System (UCaaS). Turn your Teams into its own office phone system. We use Ribbon Connect to securely connect your numbers, phone lines, and calling plans to your Microsoft Teams.
Here’s how this can help you get the most out of your existing system.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams Phone System for Your Organization

Through Microsoft Teams, you can easily migrate at a pace that matches your business and grow as rapidly as you need to.

Migrate Your Phone Systems

Easily integrate Teams Phone System with your ongoing PBX or Cloud UC service with our solutions.

Retain Your PBX/Contact Center or Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate your phone system and produce seamless communication across your organization.

Maintain Your Workflows

Preserve your phone investments while getting more out of your communication systems, with Microsoft Teams and Ribbon Connect.

Easily Decommission PBX When Needed

Enable your knowledge workers without disrupting others with this simple solution.

How It Works

Using Microsoft Teams as a unified communications system is easy. With their monthly service, you can easily connect SIP trunks to the Microsoft Phone System, and you can use this for your Standalone Teams deployment or your existing PBX.
Secure thanks to Ribbon Connect services, intuitive thanks to the GUI interfaces for administration, and based completely on the cloud with no hardware or software to maintain, Microsoft Teams is the ideal solution for unified communication in your organization.

Replace Your Legacy In-house or Cloud Hosted PBX

Turn Microsoft Teams into a full-fledged UCaaS solution with help from Ribbon Connect and replace your legacy in-house or cloud-hosted PBX for good. Ribbon Connect is designed to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes to allow Teams to work seamlessly for your outside communication needs.

Ready To Get Started?

At SD Tech, we help you seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams as your new UCaaS solution. Let our team work on your behalf and keep your organization connected with the leading tech.

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