IT Support Services for Businesses

Most business owners in San Antonio understand that reliable IT Support Services are crucial to the success of their business and must be in place to ensure their computers, servers and network are running properly. Some owners may not yet realize that a majority of today’s IT problems can be diagnosed and solved remotely. In addition, having a managed service agreement in place helps prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

Network Performance and Security

Most every business these days relies heavily on there network infrastructure. They need it to perform and they need it to be secure. The foundation to a reliable and trouble free network is a secure network! Let us evaluate your current setup for potential flaws and make recommendations to correct them. You should always have a hardware firewall in-place to protect your network from intruders. In addition, making sure all your wireless access points have the correct security configuration and are not left wide open. These devices also need firmware updates on occasion that correct known security flaws. Failing to maintain your network can leave you vulnerable to attack, which in-turn has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to both infrastructure and data.

Managed Antivirus Protection

Virus protection is a complicated subject. Infections don’t just come from email attachments anymore. Because of this, simple antivirus software isn’t enough protection for your computer or network. To achieve an acceptable level of security, multiple counter measures must be in-place. We recommend a reputable antivirus application, along with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and OpenDNS Cloud Security.

Off-site Server Backup

Do you have a backup plan in place already? If so, then you are far more prepared than most! Many people plan to backup their important data, but never get around to actually doing it. That’s were SD Tech comes in! We can setup an automated backup schedule, so you know your data is safe. Even better, is the fact that your data is being backed up off-site to a secure remote datacenter. This is key when it comes to disaster recovery. If your house or office burns down and your backups are on location, then you might as well have not even backed up.

Server Monitoring

When you need to know that your server is healthy and online, all the time! Let us setup our monitoring software on your network so we can track your server’s uptime, internal temperatures, available drive space, required security updates, network throughput and more. If any of these monitored items exceed specified thresholds, we will be notified immediately!

Software Security Patch Management

When we setup remote management software on a client’s network, it helps alert us to machines that are missing critical security patches. These patches are necessary to ensure that potential security vulnerabilities are patched before they can be taken advantage of. Failure to install these patches, can make an entire network susceptible to network intrusion at a workstation level. This essentially undermines any other security protocols, software and firewalls that have been but into place to protect the network. Scans for missing patches and their installation should be performed during scheduled maintenance windows, at least twice a month.

Scheduled Maintenance

Any computer system or network needs scheduled maintenance from time to time. This is when updates and fixes can be installed to correct issues or security vulnerabilities. Full backups, off-line defragmentation and hardware can also be performed at this time. Planning scheduled maintenance keeps your network in top shape, which in turn helps avoid costly repairs down the road.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

Off-site Server Backup is a key component when it comes to Disaster Planning and Recovery. But, backup is only part of the bigger picture. Every business needs a plan to handle catastrophic hardware failure or a natural disaster. This plan not only defines what should happen in the event of a disaster, but also who should be contacted and what other tasks should be executed. Without one, an already challenging situation can take a turn for the worst. Without key systems up and running business productivity will come to a grinding halt. Have a plan to handle these type of disasters will help your business get back up and running much sooner than a business without one!

Hardware Upgrades and Troubleshooting

When workstations start to run slow, it could be for a number of reasons. If these performance issues are hardware related, they can often be corrected with RAM and hard drive upgrades. Adding RAM or replacing a slow hard drive with a newer and faster model, will usually yield a noticeable performance improvement! If on the other hand you are experiencing BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) or other types of lockups when using your PC or MAC, we can troubleshoot the issue and determine the root cause. The faulty hardware can then be replaced, so you can get back to using your computer!