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SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

As the Chief of Operations for the Keller Williams Realty IH-10 office, I have known Wes Ulmer and SD Tech for about 6 years. At that time, I was responsible for the operation of all of our computers in my office. Wes came recommended to us from an acquaintance. We interviewed several companies and we were most impressed with Mr. Ulmer. Our office was in the process of going from stand alone computers to a real network, and this area was beyond my experience. With Mr. Ulmer's help, we mapped out our needs and our budget and got started. As my office continued to grow, we finally hired a full time network administrator, but I still used SD Tech as there were issues my network administrator could not handle. A year later I had to dismiss my network administrator due to a lapse in his judgment. One call to SD Tech and Mr. Ulmer and his team was at my office that day, closing back door accesses and changing the administrator logon and passwords and doing all that is needed to re-secure our network. Today, well over a year later, we have a fantastic and dynamic new network administrator, but, we still need Mr. Ulmer's technical knowledge and years of experience to make our systems do what we want them to do. We recently expanded our operation from 1 floor to 3 floors in our building and Mr. Ulmer and SD Tech did all the wiring drops, installing the new routers and all that type of stuff, including the integration of all our new computers, printers and copiers into this network. I don't think there is a job he is unable to do.

Wes Ulmer and SD Tech have my stamp of approval and I recommend them to any one who asks about needing someone to help them with a computer issue.

Bruce Mays
Chief of Operations
Keller Williams Realty

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

We have worked with Wes Ulmer of SD Tech (and his staff) for the past several years and have been extremely satisfied with his high level of knowledge, expertise and communication skills. He has always been available to us when needed during normal business hours as well as in urgent situations. We presently depend on him to keep our systems in good shape, protected and up-to-date and expect to continue to utilize his services. He not only takes care of our individual computer needs (computer repair/replacement, network, web and backup services), but also the computer needs of our office. We feel Wes is able to competently take care of any situation which might arise with our computer systems, and we highly recommend him to all.

Mary and Joe Skye
RE/MAX Associates

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

When I contacted SD Tech to do some work for us at our factory we were working with several different computer techs and programmers. It became very clear, very quickly that SD Tech's service and competency level was head and shoulders above the rest.

They quickly pointed out some of the problems we were having, antiquated equipment that was in a state of disarray, programs that were not working properly, several machines that were affected by ad-ware and a server that was failing. They gave us a comprehensive plan to repair and update our equipment.

SD Tech worked with me throughout the entire process, explaining what they were doing (in a manner that a layman could grasp). They built a new server, connected two new Vista machines to the network, went through all of our machines (approximately 17) making the necessary repairs or modifications to ensure that we would have reliable machines that we could depend on. They also set up user groups and permission levels on our network to give us some organization and structure.

As anyone who has gone through this process can tell you this can be very frustrating, but SD Tech managed to complete the task in a timely manner and worked with the entire organization to make this as painless as possible. They recognized the priorities at hand and accommodated the staff to keep us all working during this difficult time. Once the system was in place he continued to work with all of us to ensure that each workstation functioned properly, basically customizing them for each employee's job requirements.

Now that this process is completed the cries that my computer doesn't work, or my machine is slow are silenced. With the system we have in place I am able to maintain our network, perform simple changes necessary to keep us moving forward all while reducing our dependency on so-called computer techs.

Geary Travis
Director of Operations
Supa Doors

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

Wes Ulmer and the employees of SD-Tech have been working with us for approximately 4 years. They are responsive to inquiries, quick to respond to issues and never make me feel like they are talking techie to me. I call with both easy and complex issues and they are always ready to help.

Katie Griffin-Ross
Keller Williams Heritage

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

SD Tech has been assisting us with our computer needs for the past 2 years. I love working with Wes and his company because they are quick to respond to our technical problems and are able to deal with any type of issue that might arise. They provide excellent customer service and are willing to go the extra mile to help us! We have developed a great relationship with this company and will continue to use their services and refer our friends for many years to come!

Amy Miller
Head Honchos

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

As the Texas REALTOR of the Year I can honestly say that Wes should be the Computer/Techie of all time. Having used the services of others I know first hand that Wes's skills easily surpass the rest. What others found difficult or time consuming Wes deals with easily and in a fraction of the time. Wes, thanks for all you've done and know that I'll continue to call on you to all my techie needs, be that computers, networks or audio visual services.

Dwight Hale
Dwight Hale and Associates

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

SD Tech has been our IT Director for over three years. He is quick to respond to our computer problems and network needs. He uses the most cost efficient methods possible. I would highly recommend Wes for any computer and or network needs you may have.

Dusty Maxwell
Chief Financial Officer
Christopher Gill Companies

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

Four years ago our Property Management Company decided we needed a new database to more efficiently manage our tenants and work orders. SD Tech evaluated our needs and created a program custom tailored for us. The new system has streamlined our information and allowed for instant access to data from any Internet connection. In addition to a new data base program, SD Tech was able to supply our office with custom hardware built for our specific needs. The service and support for the system from SD Tech has been excellent as well. When small problems have occurred, they have been corrected in a matter of hours. I would highly recommend SD Tech and Wes Ulmer to any business looking for technology service and system hardware.

Sam Prater
Property Manager

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

We at Kirkwood Studio would like to thank you for getting us on the correct technology path. Your hard and diligent work has made our lives so much easier. You all are BRILLIANT!!!!

Alicanne Bracken
Kirkwood Studio

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

I have known Wes Ulmer for about 4 years. During that time he has always been available for me. When I have an issue, day or night, Wes will always call me back so I can move on with my business. He has set- up my office and home computers on a network and has established a website for me. I have recommended him to my friends and they are happy with his work as well.

Shelly Johnson
RE/MAX Associates

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

We at Generations Family Medicine have been very satisfied with the work done for us by SD Tech. We are a medical office with an Electronic Medical Record, and it is imperative that our system is running well, otherwise it makes it difficult to see patients. Wes Ulmer and his staff were able to set up our network, (which is partially hard wired and partially wireless) establish a high level of network security and has also fixed network problems that we were told were not possible by other outside services. SD Tech has been very available for emergent problems, although these are rare; most likely because our network system is set up so well.

Amy J. Gutierrez, MD
Primary Care Physician
Generations Family Medicine

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

I wanted to send you a short note to thank you for all the work you have done for Sandy and myself over the years. It seems we never call unless we are in trouble and each time when we call you respond promptly and are able to fix our systems quickly and at a reasonable price. Last week was a perfect example when we called you my computer was completely down. It turned out the motherboard was fried. Within 24 hours you had built me a new system and managed to save all my data, files and programs. We think you are the greatest.

Tom Walker ABR, CRS, GRI, RE/MAX Hall of Fame
RE/MAX Preferred

SD Tech -  San Antonio, TX 78258  - 

I just wanted let all of you know a bit about SD Tech. As with most small business owners, I can not be an expert on everything,and in this case I am semi-computer literate at best. Wes Ulmer and SD Tech are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of our server and total system. My business has to respond to my 45 independent contractors (agents). When there is a problem, they know we can count on Wes and SD Tech. I have referred him to several other entities, including my Church. He has done a great job!

Bob Jacobs
RE/MAX Associates

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